Transnational Migrant Strike – 2015 (engl.)

Brennero aperto – Free passage across Brenner


Sunday, 1st of march – Transnational Migrant Strike

9:30 a.m. Trainstation Innsbruck (Plattform 41)*
10.30 a.m. Demonstration from Trainstation Brennero (Italy) to the Border
11 a.m. No Border Action at the Border between Austria and Italy, Bundesstraße, Round-about
3 p.m. Theatre and Information at Bäckerei, Dreiheiligenstraße 21

* according to the impact racist laws have on refugees, taking the train is only possible
for people with valid documents for Italy and Austria

Nearly 6 000 refugees have been stopped last year by the Tyrolean police on their way north and have been pushed back to Italy. Since November 2014 the German, Austrian and Italian police patrol trains on Italian territory together in trinational controls, expelling refugees from the train before they even enter Austria. This caused the decrease of official push-backs, rendering the „problem“ for Tyrolean politics less visible.

For the first time, activists from Germany, Austria, Italy and Switzerland will be on strike at the „invisible“ border at Brenner(o) to make visible the politics of refugee warding carried out by Austrian and German (police) authorities. Join us!

Make independent legal advice possible!

A recent decision of the European Court of Human Rights (EctHR) declared push-backs illegal that affect families and people with impairments if they had not been carefully considered as individual cases.
That the police is informing people who escaped about their legal possibilities during the asylum application or is concerned about the legality of the push-backs, is to be doubted. If so, why would the police authorities reject accessibility to independent legal aid for the detention center in Plon, where refugees are imprisoned in order to be transferred to the Italian police?

Abolish the Dublin-Regulation!

The Dublin-Regulation, declaring EU-member states to be in charge of the asylum procedures as soon as the police records persons on their territory, leads to a massive imbalance between the different member states of the EU. While (rich) countries of the north – especially Germany, Austria, France – massively reject a new regulation of European refugee policies, the humanitarian and legal support structures for refugees are collapsing in southern countries, which are currently deeply affected by the capitalist crisis. Since 2011 deportations to Greece are declared illegal, as the living conditions for migrants are unbearably catastrophic even according to EU-Criteria.

Why 1st of March?

The 1st of March is the Transnational Migrant Strike day. We want to make the „invisible“ border at Brenner(o) visible again to many people. This day is chosen by migrants, refugees and people in solidarity to call attention to the refugees‘ and migrants‘ condition of unequal treatment, missing social and political rights and repression. It is taking place for the fifth time in Innsbruck/Tyrol as a sign of struggle in solidarity for equal rights for every human being.

We demand

* Abolish Dublin-Regulation. Free Choice for Refugees to choose their country of destination!
* Independent legal aid at the detention center in Plon!
* Free Movement everywhere!
* Same rights for every human!

No border! No nation!
Stop deportation!

Plattform Bleiberecht Innsbruck

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